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According to the growing and development of air industry and air travels of peoples in the worlds, that issues are very basic, but unfortunately passenger’s rights ignores by airlines. The majority of airlines passengers are not familiar with their rights in air travels. This issue is fundamental in passenger’s right. When air passengers to encounter with such problems, like delays, they don’t khnow what they do for pursuit of that rights. The most of airlines for sake of their interests ignores passenger’s rights. The aim of this research is comparative study of passenger’s rights in public internatiuonal law for countries with air industry of Islamic Republic of Iran. The aim of this research is foucs on news transmission of air rights to passengers, and also consideration of correct standards for removeing of vaccum in air industry according to registry and nationality, Montreal convention and othe conventions.

Key Words: Iran’s public law, International Public law, Air law, Rgisrty and Nationality, Montreal Convention.

Islamic Azad University of Science and Research of
Faculty of Law
A Thesis Presented for the Degree of Public Law

Air Law in National and International Perspectives
Dr. Mehdi Hatami

Shahrokh Fallah


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