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According to the definition provided in this study, the concept of ‘Cyber Attack’ , new kind of cyber attack is the use of cyberspace in international relations that he highly talented creating fundamental changes in the field of modern conflicts, and that’s why the international community has created a new challenge ,and because of the increasing dependency on cyberspace governmental organizations, on the other hand the implementation of these operations is much easier for attackers and on the other hand, deal with such attacks, the government has a lot of technical and legal problems.
For this reason, despite the potential cyber attacks capable of lethal and cause severe damage, that “Are the rules of International Humanitarian Law applicable to cyber attacks or not?”, International law has become a major challenge.
The study aimed to evaluate the rules of international humanitarian law, also examined the comments for and against and finally to the conclusion that most lawyers think, however, that these provisions do not cover all the cyber war and cyber attack.
However, due to the philosophy of humanitarian law, protect the civilian population and other principles such as the principle of proportionality and distinction considering, therefore, the rules still apply, and where there are no rules of customary international humanitarian law and principles such as the need to invoke ‘Martens Clause’ and the particular situation and implement international humanitarian law applied.
But due to lack of unity of the international community and the ambiguity of the implementation of these principles and rules, revised the current rules under a convention or international treaty, is required.

Key Words: Cyberspace, Computer Networks, Cyber Operations, Cyber Attacks, Jus ad bellum, Self Defense,
The Law of Armed Conflicts, International Humanitarian Law, Jus in bello, Di
stinction, Proportionality.

Payame Noor University
Thesis Submitted for the Award of Ph.D
Department of Law
International Humanitarian Law
Cyber Attacks

Supervisor :
Dr. Ali Reza Hojjatzadeh

Advisor 1:
Dr. Pouria Askari

Advisor 2:
Dr. Mohammad Taghi Rezaee

By :
Afshin Jafari
August 2015

1- Sputnik.
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7 – NIC- Network Interface Card.
8 – Transmission Medium.
9 – Network Operating System.
10 – Server.
11 – خلیق،غلامرضا ؛پيشين ؛ صص:14-12.
12 – Peer- to- Peer.
13 – Server- Based.
14 – Client Server.
15 – Star Topology.
16 – Concentrator.
هاب ( Hub ) یک قطعه سخت‌افزاری است که برای اتصال ایستگاه‌های کاری به شبکه که معمولاً شبکه‌های محلی می‌باشند مورد استفاده واقع می‌گردد. هاب معمولاً دارای چند درگاه ورودی و خروجی است که اطلاعات از طریق آن‌ها می‌تواند به هاب وارد و یا خارج گردد. با ورود یک بسته اطلاعاتی به یک درگاه، این اطلاعات به صورت خودکار در سایر در گاه ها نیز کپی می‌گردد تا تمامی ایستگاه‌های شبکه آن را مشاهده، و در صورت لزوم آن را دریافت نمایند.
17 – Ring Topology.
18 – International Business Machine,(IBM).
19- Bus Topology.
20- Mesh Topology.
21 – Local Area Network, (LAN).
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